06. Strategy

The power of thinking ahead

Strategy helps brands, according to their life phase and the level of integration between online and offline, to define the main levers necessary to manage its presence within the digital ecosystem, and to establish a governance model for risk reduction and investment optimization. This is what our consulting team does.

Where are we now?

The status quo

The strategic direction planning always starts with a simple question: where is your brand now? Or, more specifically, where is your ecommerce now? Defining this is crucial to any further move. Do you need to start your e-store from scratch? Do you already have one but it needs to be consolidated? Or maybe it happens to be in a descending phase and needs a boost?  Perhaps it is beginning to underperform and needs a relaunch? So first of all, let’s take a look in the mirror.

Where do we want to go?

Achievable goals

Analyzing the scenario – market, consumers, benchmarks – they allow us to trace the path of our journey and define our objectives. If you are a startup we ask: what processes or services need to be created? If your e-store is already operational, what do we need to implement to optimize it?If your online business is not performing as you would wish to, where are the gaps and how can we close them?

Strategy is like salt

It makes everything taste better

Every intervention needs to be justified from a strategic viewpoint. We first ask and analyze, and only then start with the project. Whether you want to perform better in terms of revenue, increase your client database or improve your user experience – all intervention is designed to fit your specific needs and the chosen strategic direction.


Clever style

We don’t have a magic spell, but we do have the right solution for every one of our clients. With a detailed consulting work, we supported the widely known fashion brand Pinko in implementing and enforcing its digital presence. Discover how we made it.

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