The 8 needs

Eight needs. Eight questions. Eight ways we can bond together and lead the change of your Brand. Here you can find the main services offered by FiloBlu, each one with a case study that proves how effective they can be. Pick the one that suits you and discover what we are capable of.

01. Strategy

Strategy helps brands, according to their life phase and the level of integration between online and offline, to define the main levers necessary to manage its presence within the digital ecosystem, and to establish a governance model for risk reduction and investment optimization. This is what our consulting team does.

02. Marketing

FiloBlu’s marketing department focuses on activities that make a product or a brand desirable, with a message that enhances their value and satisfies the target's needs. Our objective is to ignite the spark that makes people act, buy and interact. We'll catch your attention by catching that of your clients.

03. Team Empowerment

Specialized people build an efficient team. An efficient team does a better job. A better job leads to amazing results. Simple as that. Because sometimes all you need is the right person working on the right task at the right time, and at FiloBlu we can offer you that.

04. Full Stack Experience

Engaging audience is a process that evolves at the speed of light. Nowadays, no strategy is conceivable if it doesn’t start from the fact that user experience happens on different levels and channels at the same time.

05. Local to global

International Marketplaces are becoming an important touch point to meet with new potential clients and increase your brand awareness, and at FiloBlu we can also support you in the process of exporting your business to foreign markets. Please take your seat for take-off.

06. E-Commerce

E-commerce is where brand and client meet.
It’s where dreams come true. It’s where we do magic.

07. New business model

There are moments when a brand needs to rethink itself. Whether its target, market or positioning have changed, that is the moment where crossing paths with FiloBlu can truly make the difference.
Here we explain you why.

08. Branding

Our mission is to surface who you are and why should people care. Why is a brand unique? What makes it different from the others? Bringing this answers to light and make them shine, this is what we call branding.

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