02. Marketing

You'll be noticed

FiloBlu’s marketing department focuses on activities that make a product or a brand desirable, with a message that enhances their value and satisfies the target's needs. Our objective is to ignite the spark that makes people act, buy and interact. We'll catch your attention by catching that of your clients.
Post and social media stories
7.850 Post and social media stories
Average online growth of our clients
+ 37% Average online growth of our clients

Numbers that talk

Last year we managed a 8.3M€ media budget, sent more than 135 million DEMs, and developed 7K post and social media stories. Our marketing activities had average online growth of 37% in terms of revenue (CAGR – 2019-21).




Winning recipe

A framework of coordinated action

Together we plan objectives and develop the most suitable marketing strategy for your brand. 

Within the desired budget and time frame we set up specific activities in order to achieve your goals across the most relevant target group’s touchpoints. Our team consists of several specialists that cover any aspect of the work, from analytics to social media, from strategy to CRM, just to name a few. 

Work buddies

Skilled in communications, also the internal ones

At FiloBlu, all our teams collaborate towards the same goal. That’s also true within our marketing unit, that works in close contact with the retail department to ensure consistency of messages across all channels. Good teamwork makes your ROAS rock. 

Elisabetta Franchi

Dreams have no borders

Elisabetta Franchi is an Italian fashion house that was looking to conquer the international online market. The collaboration with FiloBlu resulted in much more than an e-store: together with the brand we built a feeling, an emotion, and an experience.

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