Filoblu sustainable

Together we can give more value to people, work, society and environment

In our drive to change the world we live and to promote a culture of respect, we started by focusing on people’s well-being. Through structured projects, initiatives and partnerships, at FiloBlu we help people to cooperate in synergy and have a positive impact on their work, in their communities and overall on our planet.

We steadfastly, tenaciously try to achieve these goals because it is the only way to ensure that our contribution is significant and long-lasting.
Filoblu sustainable

How FiloBlu SpA works
On december 2022 FiloBlu Spa adopted and effectively implemented an Organisational and Management Model (the "Model"), which is capable of preventing the offences set out in the Legislative Decree 231/2001.

The Model defines the procedures of the company, introduces the disciplinary system in the event of violations of the same and provides for the appointment of the Supervisory Committee. The Model is careful to comply with the ethical principles of FiloBlu Spa, introduced with the adoption of the Code of Ethics. The Model has been updated and supplemented over time in order to reflect both regulatory developments on this issue and the organisational changes at corporate level.
Filoblu sustainable


Good Health & Well-being

A digital soul and a smart heart

We chose simplicity. Being able to count on private medical insurance and to have greater flexibility at work, makes
everyday life easier and helps to establish the right balance between personal and professional ambitions. What
could be simpler than that?

Quality Education

Growing is in our DNA

Change is part of our lifestyle. We aim to make the most of differences and the capabilities of each person through
individually tailored programmes and regular training courses that aid the development of soft skills and professional

Gender Equality

Equal opportunities and total respect

There’s no gender pay gap at FiloBlu because salaries here are entirely based on people’s skills and experience.
There is a strong emphasis on promoting personal growth, which is based on each individual’s genuine capabilities,
regardless of gender, age or any other aspect.

Goal-oriented Partnerships

Alongside each other

Every year we promote and support institutions, social enterprises and non-profit organizations as part of our drive
to give concrete assistance to the causes that we care.

Industry Innovation

The essence of innovation

The technological research at FiloBlu never ends. We study the most innovative solutions around as we strive to catch and
anticipate the needs of consumers, companies and the economic scenario we are dealing with. In addition, we make
constant investments in order to boost productivity and improve the value chain.

Clean Water & Sanitation

Blu by name, green by nature

We are committed to reduce our consumption and draw up effective sustainable business development strategies
because we side by the environment as top priority.

Regala Un Albero

2021 – To leave an even deeper mark in our path towards sustainability and environmental protection, we decided to join the project “Regala un Albero”, which is aiming to protect a magnificent area such as the Sila one: through planting and reforestation, it will be possible to offset CO2 emissions and transfer value to the community.

Biorfarm: for a sustainable growth

2021 – From the collaboration with Biorfarm, GoGreen was born, the first corporate orchard of FiloBlu! By adopting a tree for each employee, we wanted to give an important contribution to support small local farmers, reduce the environmental impact thanks to a shorter supply chain and to protect the territory.


Mains water

In our offices, we have water mains dispensers that provide everyone with free chilled and room-temperature water.


We’ve removed plastic bottles from the vending machines in all of our offices. Sparkling water is still available, but only in aluminum cans.


Charity Stars #UnderTheBlu

2020 – Together with Charity Stars, we launched a fundraising scheme to support the Italian Red Cross in the fight against COVID-19. We pledged to donate €1 for every purchase made on all of the e-commerce platforms developed for our clients and partners across the globe. In addition, we got numerous big Italian names from the world of show business involved in the fundraising efforts.

Angelo Hospital in Mestre (Venice)

2020 – During the COVID-19 emergency, we made a donation to support the health service in our local area, towards which we feel a strong sense of responsibility and a close bond.


Venice Flooding Emergency

2019 – In order to support Venice, its residents and the resumption of economic and social activities, we made a contribution to repair and restoration work on infrastructure and buildings that were badly damaged by exceptionally high tides.

Doctors with Africa CUAMM

2018 – We decided to make a contribution to the “Mothers and Children First – 1,000 days” programme runs by Doctors with Africa CUAMM, the first non-government healthcare organization recognized by the Italian government.


Projects & Initiatives

  • PMO: a dedicated team monitors and optimizes in-house activities
  • Team Leaders: to create as widespread a knowledge as possible
  • Analytical Accounting: management control in order to improve performance
  • Fresh Box: real-time sharing of best practices, know-how and market trends
  • Business Review: sharing activities, performance and goals between differents departments and clients

4.2% of turnover is invested in Research & Development


Master classes

Every year we work with top Italian universities and take part in many national and international events, sharing our vision for digital transformation and presenting our finest case studies.


FiloBlu has started working in partnership with ANICA (the Italian National Association for Movies, Audiovisual and Multimedia Industries) in order to facilitate the development of innovative content, cultural projects and storytelling processes, creating synergies between digital and film worlds.



Digital Master

Reserved to companies and brand clients, Digital Masters held by FiloBlu professionals are a highly educational path that explores the latest trends and opportunities of the digital landscape.


It is essential to support people during their professional growth processes, especially in a competitive environment like the digital world. Therefore, we constantly organize training plans and refresher courses, while also offering support from external advisers and coaches.



Provisions are in place to enable pregnant women to continue with their career plans and everything is made easier by returning to work with flexibility according to their needs. Consequently, there are very few requests for early maternity leave and the vast majority of employees return to work straight away.

Women’s Empowerment project

We have joined the Women’s Empowerment project funded by the Veneto regional authorities: a training scheme that aims to give more and more value and support to promote female talent.


The female factor

Every year our workforce increases by 15%. Approximately 60% of the members of our team are women and many of them have leading roles. They include our Head of Design, Head of Human Resources, Head of Contracts & Legal, Sales Accounting Manager, Head of Retail & Store Management and Head of Sales Assistance.

Equal opportunities

The company aims to offer career opportunities to every single member of the company and support the inclinations of everyone, ensuring greater fluidity in view of equal opportunities, recognizing skills, and talent enhancement.


Great Place to Work

In 2021 FiloBlu received the “Great Place to Work Certification”, an important award that rewards the best workplace of the Italian market. FiloBlu has distinguished itself for having a peaceful and positive environment, a culture based on shared values and a motivated and engaged team.

Work-life balance

We aim to promote a better work-life balance in a number of ways: flexible hours, a shorter working week and smart working all play a key part in striking the right balance between personal needs and professional growth.


Hours solidarity bank

Thanks to a system established by the Italian metalworking and mechanical engineering industry employment contract, we can voluntarily donate time off and leave to colleagues who are dealing with serious family issues.


We’ve signed up for the Metasalute Plan, a private medical insurance scheme for members of the metalworking and mechanical engineering industry. Our staff can use it to access a number of healthcare services.

Dog Hospitality

As for pet therapy or for need, it doesn’t matter: in our FiloBlu offices, our little four-legged friends are always welcome!


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