08. Branding

Your story, our story

Our mission is to surface who you are and why should people care. Why is a brand unique? What makes it different from the others? Bringing this answers to light and make them shine, this is what we call branding.

Analyze me

We understand you

Learning the story of a brand is the beginning of our work, as we aim to create experiences that fully reflect the Brand’s DNA. No matter the media, a brand should be immediately recognizable. Analyzing markets, competitors and user sentiment also helps us targeting opportunities and threats for every single context. 

Creative energy

All at your service

FiloBlu consists of several teams that work together to offer you the best solution possible. Collaboration is an essential part of our process as the strategic team and the creative one work hand in hand to develop ideas and solutions that respond to your brand’s identity and needs.

Magic happens

Let's go on-air

This synergic work makes it possible to tweak and/or reinvent a brand’s story, capitalizing on its heritage while making it ready for the future, whether it’s online or offline. We are prepared to take you through every part of the journey: the creation of a campaign, art direction, UX and UI design, video and photo shooting, digital distribution. All is possible, if we make it possible.


Let us inspire you

Casual-chic fashion icon Ottod’ame aimed to bring the brand values into an emotional online shopping experience, taking customers to a journey into seasons, collections and evocative impressions.


Masters of campaigns

Our partnership with Spalding proves that at FiloBlu is able to offer not only strategic and operational support, but also creative input to develop campaigns that will enforce your brand’s positioning and identity. Yes, we really are good at all sports.


A growth plan

Designing an e-commerce site for a well-established brand is an irresistible challenge. Presenting enticing new content and expanding communities is all part of our everyday working life. Clementoni asked us to help them to build a new digital identity. We went about it by developing a new e-shop, optimizing Clementoni’s performance on Amazon, embarking on a fresh, engaging approach to storytelling and taking a brand new selection of photographs. What was the starting point in all of this? The strategy.

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