A whole new playtime experience

It all starts with the strategy

Our strategy revolves around new experiences involving an endless array of content and solutions that reflect the latest market trends. Direct, engaging storytelling presents tales from real life in a fun, interactive way, while also boosting sales opportunities.

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Playing is serious business

A new digital identity

Growing up is a journey filled with discoveries and imagination. It is even more wonderful when you have someone by your side to share it all with you. This was the spirit when we worked in tandem with Clementoni on the brand’s first e-commerce website. The goal of this all-Italian partnership was to cater to the needs of users with a user-friendly e-shop where everything is easily accessible, providing a new way to discover all of the products in the Clementoni range.

Digital shoot: say cheese

A picture is worth a thousand words

The development of the e-shop went hand in hand with the creation of the company’s new digital image. Its online identity was completely overhauled, with the help of a bespoke shoot that captured the essence of everyday play. Users are now immersed in the Clementoni world when they look through the product selection.

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Well begun is half done

Numbers that speak for themselves

Just over a month since the launch of the e-shop, visits to the Clementoni website are up by 264% on the previous month, with an unprecedented conversion rate. Our objective is to support Clementoni as it optimizes and synergistically manages its omnichannel online presence across the globe.

All of the figures are comparisons between October 2020 and November 2020.

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The Clementoni Amazon Store

By putting an appropriate positioning strategy into practice, optimizing the content and handling everything on the advertising front, we have maximized the brand’s performance on Amazon. In just one quarter of 2020, clicks were up by 115% and product views by 85%, while there was a general increase in sales of no less than 58%. Enhancing the customer experience produced clear results, thanks to efforts to cater to the needs of users who are increasingly sophisticated when it comes to values, content and highly consistent storytelling everywhere, including on Amazon.

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