06. E-Commerce

Meet the architects of your online store.

E-commerce is where brand and client meet.
It’s where dreams come true. It’s where we do magic.

We think ahead

It’s all about having a strategy

Our approach is based on a lot of questions: what are the brand values? How do we express them through its e-commerce platform? Who is going to click “buy”? Who is not, and why? The more questions we ask, the more answers we get. 

We make it great.

And numbers prove it

It’s easy to portray greatness when you have thousands of square meters of shop floor to furnish. But could you bring the same magical atmosphere to a virtual shop? We can. We recreate the world of the brand with crafted and emotional content within the digital space. All with the best technologies concerning payments, ecommerce and CRM. 42 million euros in turnover, 210K orders, 475K sold items and 212K interactions in 2019 alone, are evidence of our success in this regard.

We make it simple.

Less is more

There is not much time. We want to impress our users from the very first moment they land in our world, but we also want to offer them a smooth trip. No detours. We take them through a journey that is emotional yet easy. With your wishes just a few clicks away, e-shopping turns into a surprising experience that you want to relive again and again.

We listen to data.

(You should too!)

Thanks to our Commerce Intelligence suite, we track and analyze the e-store performance in real time, making it easier to adjust any parameter to user preferences.

Il Gufo

Tradition turns innovative

Il Gufo and FiloBlu began working in partnership with a clear objective: to give a new look to the e-commerce site, making it fresher and more appealing thanks to user-friendly visuals that can pave the way to the brand’s business goals.


A growth and internationalization process

The first step in the project with Seventy was drawing up the brand relaunch strategy. As strategic partners, we worked side by side on the development of a global repositioning vision for Seventy. How did it go? Come and take a look.

Antony Morato

A future oriented growth

For Antony Morato, we have created a digital growth and empowerment plan for the next three years.The project, which involved FiloBlu main key points – omnichannel strategy, retail, marketing and sales assistance – will allow the brand to accelerate its performance and to expand on international markets. For further details you do not have to wait three more years, just click below.

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