Antony Morato

You don’t need a crystal ball

You need a strategic three-year growth plan

To tell you about this project, we need to take a step forward and look straight into the future. For Antony Morato, we have drawn up a business and digital expansion plan that covers the next three years. That means three years of strategic consulting, data analysis, technological innovation, and constant and sustainable investments in the retail world, as well as on the marketing and product fronts. Basically, three years of constant growth.

Buying online

E-commerce: a new shopping experience

Antony Morato’s Italian style and culture are being showcased on a new e-commerce site. Accessible, user-friendly browsing makes it easy to check out every single detail in the new collections and provides an authentic, engaging experience. As well as developing the User Experience and User Interface, we have created gift pack and gift message services, along with artificial intelligence-based recommendations and customized emails.

When style calls

The Customer-Centric approach answers

Customers are at the heart of everything. All around them, we have created a network of services in order to simplify the shopping experience as much as possible. For example, we have introduced the Instagram Shoppable feature, new payment methods and a size changing option. In addition, we have enhanced the Customer Care service and increased the number of ways of getting in touch. If you have a question, we have the answer!

Houston, we have the solution!

An interconnected, omnichannel system

The cornerstone of the growth plan and the new digital ecosystem developed by our team is an overhauled omnichannel strategy that has been complemented with in-store pick-up, in-store stock checking, returns and multi-stock services. This will enable Antony Morato to optimize its performances and step up a gear in international markets, with the help of dedicated platforms for the United States and South America.

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