Full Stack Experience

04. Full Stack Experience

Holistic vision

Engaging audience is a process that evolves at the speed of light. Nowadays, no strategy is conceivable if it doesn’t start from the fact that user experience happens on different levels and channels at the same time. That is why at FiloBlu we offer solutions that aim to improve your business from a 360° perspective - integrating data, technology, content and communication throughout the different touchpoints.
Full Stack Experience

No boundaries

Communication synergy

An omnichannel strategy consists in communicating in an integrated way through all the channels of a brand: only this way is it possible to generate a coherent and effective communication outputs, which are engaging for users. It is with this approach that, starting from the best performing online channels, we can achieve great results offline as well.

The boundary between physical and virtual is crossed, reality is fluid. And we will be happy to guide you in this new all-round experience from which you will never want to go back.

Retail lab

Experience to store

The role of the store has changed: a place that transforms the brand into an immersive experience, where the customer is guided in a multisensory path that directs him to purchase. Interactive showcases, highly reconfigurable spaces, rapid timing: the store is redefined with the help of technology and data analysis. The experience is tailor-made, and offline and online meet.

O bag

Shopping made contemporary

Our collaboration with Italian fashion accessories brand O bag shows how a well-thought-out digital strategy leads to amazing results in terms of innovation and user experience. Come and discover the brand that fits everyone’s taste.


All the potential of B2B

Some aspects of the business are less visible than others, but this doesn’t make them less important. B2B is a good example of that. The work we did with Lamborghini demonstrates how digitalization of the processes and adaptation to specific target needs is the key to obtain great performances.

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