Authenticity, Beauty, Culture

Brand Strategy

We have helped Seventy to define their identity by developing a brand platform focussing on a key aspect of their DNA: Venice. We have selected some quintessential elements of Venetian style, such as water, travel, determination and we have turned them into the brand’s pillar. The contents and TOV of the online shop were driven by this strategic approach, which played a leading role in creating an integrated digital campaign.

All the magic of a brick and mortar shop in a virtual store.

It was the re-start of e-commerce

When we started to work together, the brand did not have an e-commerce channel. A brand new process was required to reconstruct the brand’s digital presence and we had to plan all the funnel levels properly. What was the biggest challenge? To bridge the gap with the most important, highly innovative competitors whose process was already a step ahead. The best technologies on the market and our teams’ skills allowed us to create an enjoyable, dynamic and custom-made shopping experience.

The beauty of your journey

An integrated campaign for the new brand framework

We worked with the brand for the FW 20-21 season, conceiving and overseeing all aspects of the advertising campaign for the launch. The aim was to present Seventy in a fresh light in a campaign spanning a number of stages, all of which were linked by a core underlying concept: Travel. Thanks to integrated art direction, content production and digital PR management, we produced a hero video, did a photo shoot with the brand ambassador and held a social media contest for top talents and digital influencers.

What's the best way to avoid going unnoticed?

A good Social Media Strategy

Our goal was to get people to take action, shop or interact with Seventy. Therefore our marketing unit worked side by side with the retail team to enhance brand awareness and brand perception, and boost interaction between the audience and the content, in order to increase user loyalty.



Target E-commerce
Conversion Rate
Increase Average order value
Webiste visits

An exceptional partnership

Don't just take our word for it: look at the numbers!

We believe in the value of data, studying past results and planning future ones. Analysing and monitoring our figures enables us to fine-tune every measure we take, carry out targeted actions, and optimize both our performance and that of the brand.

The data refer to the year 2021 versus 2020.


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