People first

A carefully crafted strategy

Furlanis has been making ribbons with the utmost care for more than 40 years and it sets the benchmark in its field. It has asked FiloBlu to help it with a general overhaul and the process of presenting its world: a place where authenticity and passion prevail, and people and attention to detail genuinely come first.

All wrapped up

Showcasing the new image

An initial listening and research stage was followed by the development of an evocative brand identity: from the creation of the logo and the new visual assets to redesigning the website, the aim behind everything was to distinctively and recognizably convey the new Furlanis image and the company’s strengths. We drew inspiration from these strengths when we produced the brand’s manifesto video. The video tells a story of change and tradition, not to mention success, passion and courage: the wonderful tale of Furlanis.

A new look!

Painstakingly redesigned

The new Furlanis website brings together all of the knowledge and needs that emerged during the sharing process with the client. Simplicity, quality, experience: the Furlanis values are presented in a visual, practical way and play a key part in presenting the story of the brand, the collections and the products clearly and comprehensively.

Straight to the point

Analysis, strategy… action!

The objective: to establish the ideal online brand positioning for Furlanis and the communication channels to use. The challenge: to draw up a roadmap for the short, medium and long term, in order to support the development of the online business and meet the brand’s expectations. Challenge accepted and objective achieved.

In the right place

360° digital governance

We looked around us. We studied the markets, the competitors and all of the possible scenarios. Then we created a multi-platform & multi-stock digital ecosystem to optimize management costs and maximize sales. It goes without saying that all of this was done while ensuring that the positioning was in keeping with the brand identity and the online store.

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