A 3-step success

Analysis, strategy, evolution

We started by analyzing the status quo in the key markets and in comparison with the key competitors, taking in consideration several parameters such as brand awareness and sales performances. A Digital Strategy and an Action Plan followed: where can we intervene? A constant monitoring of results shaped accurate and precise moves. The pursuit of perfection is an art in itself.

Multitasking instinct

Punctual actions

This strategic approach led to several consulting and operative interventions. We helped the brand defining its commercial and digital media plan, setting up platforms and designing the customer journey. We also contributed to review and implement advanced Analytics, SEO optimization, social platform development, email marketing and DEM automatization for different sales channels, evaluation and production of content, special projects, planning and merchandising.

Site visits

Winning moves

Results are all that matters

All these actions resulted in an increase of 34% in site visits and of 162% in transactions, with an almost doubled conversion rate. If we had to steal words from a famous strategist of the past: veni, vidi, vici. 

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The data refer to year 2019.

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