Il Gufo strengthens its digital presence with FiloBlu, focusing on an integrated omnichannel experience

Pambianco, 8/09/2022

Il Gufo is launching a new e-commerce site with FiloBlu which, thanks to its decades’ worth of experience in the field, will help the Italian children’s clothing brand to accelerate its online business and to create ad hoc projects to develop its digital channels. A fully renovated and mobile e-store will form an integral part of the company’s omnichannel project, the goal of which is to connect it with retail stores and the wholesale network to provide an exceptional UX at every stage of the customer journey. Focusing on the customer remains the fundamental driver behind each new feature: it will be possible to have access to the widest possible selection, use the click&collect service and interact with someone in real time for any need or enquiry through the live chat feature.

Further developments are expected to be launched in the coming months. The starting point remains the online store for end customers, which will be accompanied by a B2B project through which a virtual showroom running from 2023 will allow all direct stores and wholesale playersto make use of a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate portal that will provide an immersive and tailored experience.

“Now, after ten years of digital presence on the market, our evolutionary journey is a point a growth: the aim is to provide a platform that brings all touchpoints together and offers a superior shopping experience, both online and offline. Through this project, we aim to integrate the value of our sophisticated distribution network with that of our products, which epitomise the very best in traditional Italian craftsmanship. Another key part of our strategy is sustainability. For us, this is represented above all by the natural longevity of our garments, the carefully managed supply chain, and the tireless pursuit of raw materials that are best suited both in terms of quality and transparency”, explains CEO Alessandra Chiavelli.

“Il Gufo joining the FiloBlu portfolio once again demonstrates that we are a leader in the fashion sector, but this time for kids’ clothing” – says Alberto Arcolin, CEO of FiloBlu – “The new omnichannel developments undertaken by the brand together with FiloBlu mark a major stage in the brand’s acceleration towards digitalised online sales processes and the creation of a top-quality customer experience that is exclusive, bespoke and meets the needs of both end consumers and retailers around the world. This is beginning of a process aimed at harmonising and optimising the link between the digital space and physical network, and making it more efficient”.

The brand’s e-commerce channel has seen steady annual growth of 27% over the past two years. In 2022, the performance is positive once again: the channel currently accounts for 5% of the group’s global sales, expected to reach 29 million by the end of the year. In fact, the forecast for the current year shows 40% growth on top of the already very strong performance in 2021.