FiloBlu steers the growth of La Martina’s digital business

Adnkronos, 29/03/2021

FiloBlu is working alongside La Martina and providing strategic and operational consulting services in order to step up the pace of the brand’s business processes through a new digital approach. Launched in 2009 thanks to the innovative vision of founder and current CEO Christian Nucibella, the strategic consulting firm is aiming to increase sales at the company established by Lando Simonetti by 30% in the first year alone. This figure is part of a long-term plan for constant, sustainable growth, which is FiloBlu’s hallmark. Technological innovation, retail strategy, a presence on online marketplaces and a strategic marketing plan will be the drivers of development in the project, the cornerstone of which will be data analysis using FiloBlu’s proprietary business intelligence suite.

“The strategy that FiloBlu has planned and put into practice for La Martina marks a significant change of pace for the brand on the digital front,” explains Christian Nucibella, the CEO & founder of FiloBlu. “It all revolves around the shopping experience and an efficient integration system for the communication, marketing & sales channels that will lead La Martina towards a new approach to the market, where innovation and time have become more decisive than ever. For example, thanks to the open, dynamic ecosystem put in place by FiloBlu, it will be possible for the brand to sell collections during scheduled future events.”

FiloBlu takes a proactive approach to consulting and it started in this case in the field of retail management. It is supporting La Martina’s in-house team and together they are aiming to select and present the collections online in the best possible light, giving more space and prominence to brand communication in the official e-shop. They have decided to present the creations using systems based on moods and styles, thus bringing out the best of the brand’s history and heritage. FiloBlu is helping La Martina to establish the right approach and positioning on marketplaces where it is already present, such as Amazon and Zalando, while also scouting and assessing new platforms. In addition, it is contributing to the strategic marketing plan, with the aim of boosting brand awareness and conversion rates.

The joint business objective of the two partners is to step up omnichannel growth, thanks to a process of synergistic strategic development involving all online sales channels, with digital and communication initiatives at the heart of the brand’s transformation. The changes will begin with the products, which are being moved into integrated capsule collections covering spheres ranging from sportswear to luxury casual. Partnerships and licences are also being added. The contents are created directly by La Martina and they can be used thanks to a multimedia digital asset management (DAM) system.

All of this provides the foundations for consolidation of the brand identity, with a consistent and coordinated image. With FiloBlu, La Martina is reaching the height of digital evolution. Once again, the watchword is integration because the concept of traditional online sales is making way for digital and retail synergy involving all of the partners in a range of geographic areas. As well as being available for end consumers to buy directly, the platform’s unlimited stock will support the sales activities of multi-brand retailers by instantly supplementing their product supplies at all times.

“This is only the first step in our integration and digitization strategy,” states Lando Simonetti, the CEO & Founder of La Martina. “We need to aim for ever better efficiency and performance, fusing brick-and-mortar and digital retail without neglecting the strong brand identity for which we are renowned. The new e-commerce launch is the starting point in our digital initiative and the first stage in an integration procedure. It marks an important change of approach, as we move towards communication with a ‘timeless’ concept.”