FiloBlu launches a Business Intelligence suite

Pambianco, 25/09/2020

Launched in Venice in 2009, online and offline strategic consulting firm FiloBlu continues to develop new strategies and it has now launched a Business Intelligence suite featuring Google Cloud technology. Based on machine learning, artificial intelligence and data-driven knowledge, the innovative plug and play solution helps to step up the pace of growth by providing a comprehensive array of data in real time, in a single, extremely efficient application. The project will be presented in a joint webinar by FiloBlu and Google Cloud at 12.00 pm on 22 September.

The suite brings together a range of techniques, processes and tools that transform data into valuable information. It can support decision makers in all spheres and on all levels, from admin staff to retail and store managers and marketing directors.

In addition, FiloBlu has chosen to present its vision for the future at the Richmond E-Commerce Forum, which is due to take place in Rimini from 23 to 25 September 2020. It has changes planned on two fronts: open ecosystems and new in-store experiences.

Over the years, the company has developed assets that can take on board technological integrations of all kinds and respond to the numerous needs of brands, creating all-embracing operating schemes that focus on various purchasing channels (including online marketplaces, business-to-consumer and business-to-business) and approaches to selling (such as private sales and past season selections). “A part is also played in our strategy by the standard and stature of the partnerships that we establish with leading platforms and service providers,” explains Christian Nucibella, CEO and founder of FiloBlu. “Thanks to our cooperative approach, we can offer ready-to-go solutions even for companies that have yet to put in place the structures required to achieve their goals.”