FiloBlu: double-digit performance with a headless solution

Mediakey, 02/03/2021

The strategic consulting firm FiloBlu has taken another step forward in shopping experience innovation by launching a new solution that optimizes the fluidity of the user experience, thus maximizing conversion rates and sales performances. It has already brought about significant results and been embraced by names such as Automobili Lamborghini, which has been an established FiloBlu client for some years and is now working with the firm on an elaborate, ambitious development plan. The newly relaunched has recently gone live and it is a prominent example of a website featuring the innovative solution.

The headless technology at the heart of FiloBlu’s new product separates the user interface utilized by consumers during their online shopping experiences (the frontend) from the content management part (the backend). It opens up new scenarios in the development of more fluid, faster and native multi-channel shopping experiences because it can adapt and cater perfectly to the needs of every single brand.

The new solution put in place by FiloBlu can be used with any sales platform (including Magento, VTEX, Shopify, and Salesforce) and it offers boundless scope for integration with third party systems, regardless of the technological engines behind them.

The numbers speak for themselves. The concrete results reported by FiloBlu’s clients show that the new headless approach leads to a clear improvement in performance. First of all, there is an average reduction in hosting costs of 20% thanks to the more streamlined technological structure. In addition, there is a clear improvement in performance because with the new solution it is only necessary to load the elements on a page that were not present in a user’s previous browsing flow (thanks to server-side rendering with ReactJS). Furthermore, maintenance of online experiences over time is easier to manage because it is not necessary to take website-wide action for every update. The services offered by the new technology include responses from web pages in milliseconds, customized experiences that cater to all of the needs of clients, and a search engine based on AI technology, to provide individually tailored and customer-oriented content for users. These enhancements bring about a double-digit increase in conversion rates.

Another strength is the scope for extremely rapid app development. It is not necessary to rebuild the visual interface and reproduce the backend activities because the work done on the brand’s official website can be reused.

“When they put into action a strategy based on scalability and flexibility, FiloBlu’s clients are not bound by their choice of sales platform. They can count on frontend solutions that provide a range of touchpoints that are in keeping with their brand identities,” explains Christian Nucibella, the CEO and founder of FiloBlu. “With the new headless solution by FiloBlu, any technology can be used to create a shopping experience exactly how each company envisages it.”