FiloBlu in the spotlight at Digital Innovation Days

Engage, 26/10/2020

Christian Nucibella (Founder & CEO) and Tommaso Ausilio (Retail Manager) will present numbers and case studies to illustrate business growth success stories, from lockdown to recovery.

Strategic consulting firm FiloBlu will be among the participants at the seventh Digital Innovation Days, which will take place from 29 to 31 October. This year, the international event will be going fully digital for the first time. Over three days, it will shine the spotlight on companies that offered outstanding examples of how to make the best of a bad situation during the long lockdown, successfully reshaping and stepping up the pace of the digitization process.

FiloBlu will be among them, presenting numbers and case studies to illustrate the measures taken and results achieved alongside its client brands.

First up will be Christian Nucibella, the Founder & CEO of FiloBlu. At 3.00 pm on 29 October, he will join moderator Stefano Galassi (Global Managing Director of Startup Bootcamp) in the Fashion Tech Room for a conversation with Emanuele Bianchi, the Chief Marketing Officer at fashion label Pinko. Together they will discuss how FiloBlu took on the challenges facing Pinko and provided support as an interactive, strategic partner, during a session entitled “An opportunity is a problem with added value. Analysis, strategy and evolution: how FiloBlu and Pinko make the right choices and prosper when facing challenges. The action plan that FiloBlu and Pinko drew up and put into practice as part of their immediate response to the unfolding emergency helped to increase the number of visits to the brand’s website and almost doubled the conversion rate.

At 10.00 am the following day, it will be the turn of FiloBlu’s Retail Manager Tommaso Ausilio, who will give a speech on the Main Stage on “How the fashion industry can survive Covid-19: actions and results”. As part of his look at retail action during the coronavirus pandemic, he will reflect on market trends at a time of great upheaval. He will focus in particular on the fashion industry, where the timely introduction of individually tailored reaction plans for each brand reversed a negative trend in March (-7% YoY) and helped to get things moving in the right direction again as early as the following month (April, +29% YoY).