FiloBlu works side by side with Antony Morato on digital growth

Mediakey, 15/06/2021

FiloBlu is a consulting firm that was established in 2009 by its Founder and current CEO Christian Nucibella. It helped clothing brand Antony Morato to draw up a long-term business plan and a digital expansion plan, in order to cater to the new needs of the market in a technological age. All of this has underlined FiloBlu’s status as a strategic partner that pushes beyond the traditional approach to the market and supports fashion and luxury labels in the evolving realm of online and offline business.

The aim of the consulting project is to trigger 50% organic growth in turnover in the next three years thanks to constant, sustainable investment, which is FiloBlu’s hallmark. The company has a range of high-tech solutions, starting with data analysis using its proprietary Business Intelligence suite, so that action can be taken in the world of retail, as well as on the marketing and product fronts.

The three-year growth plan that has been drawn up for Antony Morato is based on a turnover forecasting model and an associated action plan. Underpinning it all are the key points of the FiloBlu ecosystem, such as an omnichannel, retail, marketing and sales assistance strategy. The chosen solutions revolve around CRM and database expansion.

The Antony Morato website launch was made possible thanks to a new user experience and user interface, along with the creation of additional services such as gift packs and gift messages. Artificial intelligence is used to produce recommendations and customized emails. An Instagram Shopping feature has been built in to promote online sales through interaction on social media and satisfy younger customers. Apple Pay and Google Pay are both included among the selection of payment options. It is also possible to pay in instalments and Satispay will be available soon. A size changing option has been added to make things easier for shoppers and the Customer Care services have been bolstered thanks to a toll-free number, a FAQ page and a WhatsApp live chat that will be introduced in the coming days.

“FiloBlu has shown that it can provide key strategic support for fashion and lifestyle brands that want to boost online shopping. The three-year growth plan and online consolidation devised by our team for Antony Morato have made it possible to put in place an overhauled omnichannel strategy. This will pave the way to improved business performance and expansion in international markets,” commented Christian Nucibella, the CEO and Founder of FiloBlu.

“The digital transformation plan that Antony Morato is putting into practice is all part of the natural evolution process for a brand that has always embraced change. The project is being run in strategic and operational partnership with FiloBlu. The goal is to strengthen the ties between the brand and its community, by enhancing the service standards and the integrated shopping process,” explained Lello Caldarelli, the CEO of Antony Morato.