Award-winning miniseries ‘Growing with Clementoni’ by FiloBlu

Engage, 17/06/2022

The miniseries “Growing with Clementoni” realized by FiloBlu for Clementoni receives the Mediastars Advertising Technical Award, now in its XXVI Edition, as 1st place for the Branded Content Category

The video, produced by Nativa Formazione and Produzione Audiovisiva at the Cross Studio Atlantic in Milan, is divided into three episodes and hosted by talent Massimo Temporelli, physicist and populariser of science. It is designed to follow children and parents in the great adventure of growing up, responding to two specific needs: experiential and informative. The topics include eco-sustainability, innovation, the alphabet and remote planets, through the experience of play and fun, which become essential ways of learning to share, create and experiment.

An important recognition that testifies to FiloBlu’s strategic approach in creating highly creative projects, which are part of a wider communication ecosystem, aimed at creating value through targeted branded content actions, reads the note.  In addition to the miniseries, FiloBlu was responsible for a press campaign with the new concept ‘For the creators of tomorrow’ and a series of photo shoots. Alongside, there was also a social editorial plan accompanied by the campaign hashtag #ProvarePerCrescere. The project episodes were broadcast on the Clementoni website and on the brand’s Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels

“We have always been committed to capturing market trends and identifying the interests of our consumers,” says Alessandra Maccari, Digital Marketing & E-commerce Senior Manager at Clementoni, who managed the project for the Recanati-based company. “Today, more than ever, we need to speak to parents looking for a qualified partner for their children’s growth. A brand, in fact, is increasingly appreciated and chosen for the values it carries and the causes it promotes. This is why we have chosen to produce original, high quality content that can be a support for our consumers and enrich and complete the child’s experience of fun, growth and learning through play’.

The prize will be collected by Michele Zorzetto, Creative Strategist at FiloBlu, who was responsible for the creative direction of the digital entertainment project. “We generated a value exchange between the brand and its audience, obtaining very relevant insights to build an offer that is as close as possible to the consumer’s needs. Branded content therefore becomes a tool to get out of the usual product narrative and add those experiential and value components to transform the customer into a true brand lover”.