Blu Road kicks off with a chapter about the omnichannel approach

Engage, 2/02/2021

Access to sales platforms will be at the heart of the initiative to help companies optimize their digital business strategies. FiloBlu has also drafted a white paper dedicated to the topic.

FiloBlu is opening a new chapter in Blu Road, its newsletter designed to help companies in the fashion, food & lifestyle sectors optimize their digital growth strategies. The newsletter will focus on creating value and increasing sales volumes using marketplaces without penalizing performance on other online and offline channels.

Online purchases doubled with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, positioning online marketplaces among market players seeing the strongest growth in sales. At the heart of their success lies a structure that guarantees both efficient operations and customer experience.

That’s why, today, online sales platforms represent an important—perhaps even indispensable—network for brands to win a broader consumer audience and offer direct access to millions of users. However, this goal can be achieved only through a strategic omnichannel approach and a solid integrated strategy.

FiloBlu’s marketplace team is ready to become a business partner to brands, supporting them as they approach marketplace channels and enter new markets on a global scale. We also offer our expertise in defining more efficient business models, strengthening brand awareness and improving technological infrastructure.

FiloBlu starts by identifying potential channels and markets that best match the company’s multichannel and sustainable strategy needs. We then turn to operations supporting their operating model, integrating their different networks and managing their catalogue and logistics processes.

Defining a technological infrastructure includes everything related to data collection and analysis processes, while an integrated sales-oriented marketing plan helps improve business performance. Analysing brand organization and processes make 360° multichannel management possible.