FiloBlu celebrates 12 years in the world of strategic consulting

Tech From The Net, 19/11/2021

Founded in 2009, as the company prepares to celebrate its anniversary on 17 November it continues to see constant growth in its turnover thanks to digital sales projects that combine all-embracing organizational skills and expertise in the field with best practices that are based on decades of experience and ready to put into action.

FiloBlu’s strategic vision revolves around digital solutions to support the online development of businesses and boost their presence on the internet. They span a number of areas of interest: Strategy, E-commerce, Marketing, Team Empowerment, Omnichannel Experience, Local to Global, New Business Models and Branding.

A Business Intelligence suite developed with Google Cloud enables FiloBlu to make strategic use of data, learn about and analyse market trends promptly, and thus help companies to optimize their performances in the new digital era.

This has given rise to the new monthly feature known as “Blu Road”, which is completely free. Subscribers will receive tips on enhancing their online presence and maximizing sales, as well as news about all of the latest trends. There will be an in-depth look into a range of subjects, starting with omnichannel strategies, moving onto a focus on social commerce and marketplaces, and subsequently examining the role of storytelling in the customer experience.

Christian Nucibella, Founder & Chairman of FiloBlu

I’m proud to be here with my team and celebrating 12 years of sustainable growth and support for brands at FiloBlu. The pandemic has made it indispensable for companies to keep up with the pace of digital transformation. We’ve always been by their side and ready to help them to respond effectively to emerging market trends with an omnichannel outlook, in terms of both communication and performance.