FiloBlu has been named among Deloitte’s Best Managed Companies for 2021 and earned Gold ranking.

Gazzetta di Milano, 1/10/2021

Following a painstaking six-month assessment process by experts in multidisciplinary organization, FiloBlu has reached a new milestone and picked up a significant accolade by being named among the Best Managed Companies (BMCs) in 2021 by the consulting and auditing firm Deloitte. The finalists were selected by an independent panel of leading experts from the Italian institutional and academic worlds: Marta Testi (CEO of Elite), Fabio Antoldi (Full Professor of Business Strategy at Università Cattolica’s ALTIS Graduate School) and Francesca Brunori (Director of Financial Affairs at Confindustria).

FiloBlu is a specialist consulting firm that was founded by Christian Nucibella to support the on & offline growth of companies by drawing up, developing and implementing successful omnichannel strategies. It was selected in recognition of its drive for ongoing innovation, dedication to business and enhancing expertise. FiloBlu operates in a global market and successfully engages with international players thanks to its cutting-edge business model. Deloitte identified and analysed a number of specific factors and utilized a selection method that it has spent more than 27 years honing worldwide. This led to the awarding of the accolade to FiloBlu and its best practices being showcased to set an example for companies all over Italy. The whole initiative supports and spurs on the Best Managed Companies during their ongoing efforts to make further improvements.

First and foremost, FiloBlu’s focus is on internationalization strategies in which key roles are played by the development of products, services and strategic partnerships, not to mention investments in human resources: seeking out top talents and developing in-house skills both make a crucial contribution to improving the organization structures of companies. Corporate culture and commitment are two vital aspects in which the company strives to invest more and more, through training for different departments, compensation and reward systems, and accurate performance assessments that are conducted using regular formal meetings. It is important to underline that the Best Managed Companies have shown their dedication to sustainability as a value, along with internationalization: almost half of their turnover (44%) comes from other countries and 76% of the BMCs say that they focus on this as a core growth factor.

“We’re honoured to receive this award, which comes as recognition of our tireless efforts to offer tailor-made, innovative and comprehensive solutions to companies in numerous fields in order to accelerate their business processes. This has been made possible by a team of more than 200 professionals who are constantly working towards increasingly challenging goals and taking advantage of the in-house development of procedures, know-how and skills. The BMCs today are those companies that cherish their founding values while also adapting to new models and seizing contemporary opportunities: technology, innovation, digitization, internationalization and sustainability are the keys to success that businesses should be counting on,” says Christian Nucibella, the Founder & Chairman of FiloBlu.