Lamborghini B2B

Where we come from

Analysis of the situation

When we started our collaboration with Lamborghini, the road was not so clear. The B2B platform was not fully integrated within the internal management systems, order approval times were too long, there was no data analysis on customers and sales. There was quite some way to go.

Target locked

Project objectives

Our goals with Lamborghini were both strategic and operative. First, we aimed to enforce the sales network, define a commercial and promotional plan, and rationalize the relation with the physical stores. From an operational point of view, we had to define a new organizational model in order to fasten, simplify, and digitalize the brand’s B2B channel.

Making the difference

A platform designed for a specific target

We digitalized the whole process and introduced a highly performative e-commerce platform for the B2B channel. We know how important it is to give every client a special treatment. This is why we created a B2B-only interface to answer the need of a specific customer audience, improved e-mail marketing campaigns, and enhanced stock and delivery operations as well sales assistance performance. 

CAGR Ecommerce revenue 2019 vs 2018
AOV 2019 vs 2018
B2B 2019 vs 2018
Countries Involved as shipping destination

Impressive results

Good work pays back

Our intervention soon showed its results: +27,27 orders and +60% in revenue in 2020 only.
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Because business to business is our business.

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