Walk the talk


We’ve been working in partnership with the shoe manufacturer FRAU since 2018. Our goals and strategies have evolved as we attained results and moved onto new ones, but trust and teamwork have been a common thread throughout that time, as we worked in tandem with the brand. Its initial asks were to revamp its online presence, broaden its customer clusters and expand internationally, with the clear objective of boosting its turnover. We achieved it by putting into practice the expertise, innovation and technology at the heart of FiloBlu.

An integrated ecosystem


Basing everything on data analysis, we overhauled the strategy for the brand’s online presence and redefined the role of e-commerce, turning it from a sales channel into a platform that’s an integrated part of the brand experience ecosystem. We then brought the sales and product strategies in line with this approach, running and coordinating all retail and website management activities. The core objective in all of this was to offer a consistent customer experience in all touchpoints, both online and offline.

Online Sales Revenue
28 %
JAN-JUNE '23 vs JAN-JUNE '22
Performance Campaigns Conversions
22 %
JAN-JUNE '23 vs JAN-JUNE '22
Clients Database MAY '23 vs MAY '22
21 %
Awareness Campaigns Web traffic
30 %
JAN-JUNE '23 vs JAN-JUNE '22

Growing, beyond borders


Following a strategic assessment and profitability calculations, we guided the brand through the process of opening its own Zalando shop, overseeing all activities from drawing up the strategy to running the store in the Italian and German markets. The objective was clear: to consolidate its positioning in the markets, raise awareness and boost performance. We achieved it by combining expertise and experience in fields such as performance marketing. We launched DEM and Search campaigns that led to some outstanding results, including a 21% YoY increase in subscribers (May ‘23 vs. May ‘22).

A customer-oriented approach


Frau asked us to adopt a customer-oriented approach and take the performance of its customer care service to the next level. Our response was to develop a customer care plan that required strategic vision, know-how and technological infrastructure, not to mention relationship skills. This enabled us to handle all requests from end customers and provide pre-sales and after-sales support that feels as close as the experience in brick-and-mortar stores. Furthermore, we increased the selection of touchpoints by adding WhatsApp alongside telephone and email, so that we could instantly provide assistance using one of the most widely known and used tools around.

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