FiloBlu and Trustpilot share centre stage at the Netcomm Forum

Dailyonline, 15/05/2023

A workshop all about promoting loyalty and conversion through word of mouth: using external validation to help build reputations and reach potential customers, while also analysing data about how social proof influences the way consumers make their buying decisions.

FiloBlu – the strategic partner for digital business acceleration – and the global review platform Trustpilot presented a workshop that highlighted the potential of reviews to play a key part in marketing strategies when it comes to building brand perception and search engine positioning.

In the post-COVID era, it is worth noting that 72% of Italian customers – including even the most loyal ones – have turned to other brands, thus forcing companies to rethink their marketing strategies and loyalty-building methods. In addition, research by Grist and Trustpilot has revealed that in the technological age, 47% of users look into the concrete action taken by brands on the social, political and environmental fronts when making buying decisions. The combination of the frantic, feverish digital climate in the increasingly crowded online market and a more prudent approach to shopping means that brands must rethink their customer experiences, aiming to build personal connections based on trust, which have never been so important.

In order to get positive reviews, it’s important to focus not only on the customer experience – which must be based on tangible and experiential services – but also on a strategy that steers and turns to account the collection of feedback from users. Building an image that caters to this need is an opportunity that should be seized by complementing the claims made by brands with support and backing from other consumers. Reviews, “likes” on social media, online mentions and other forms of social proof have a powerful psychological effect that reinforces ideas. Positive feedback about a product or service that comes from other consumers rather than the brand itself is felt to be more authentic and reliable. Prospects can be transformed into paying customers by brands that use external validation to help build their reputations and reach them, while also analysing data about how social proof influences the way consumers make their buying decisions.

Sharing experiences and reading about those of other people is a native feature of online life today, so social proof has never been so influential. Most significantly, its power seems to be universal and constantly growing. A survey by Statista has revealed an interesting pattern: the younger customers are, the more likely they are to be influenced by trust signals. 63% of baby boomers are likely to make purchases based on social proof. This figure increases to 65% for Generation X, 66% for Millennials and 72% for Gen Z. Word of mouth is an essential tool for those looking to make a positive impact on their business. In order to get positive reviews, it’s important to concentrate on the customer experience, which must emphasize the excellence of the products and services provided.