The look of perfection

Aesthetics rule Santoni’s world

When creating its virtual space, we infused beauty, quality and style in every single detail. We translated the brand’s values into a superior shopping experience, where every picture, text and detail are carefully crafted the same way you would an Italian handmade shoe.  

Ultra-limited editions

Personal crafting

Shopping is more than just buying; it means creating our own style. That is why we developed an unmissable feature for Santoni’s new e-store: the configurator. On the website’s section #MYSANTONICOLOURS, customers can easily personalize their shoes by choosing a unique combination within different models and colors, in addition to having their initials engraved on the soles. 

Excellence made accessible

A place where everyone is welcome

One of the most important goals for us is to create experiences that can be enjoyed by everyone. Santoni’s new website was created,  in line with the WCAG 2.0 guidelines (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, A level), for those who are visually impaired. Furthermore, all video content has subtitles to suit everyone’s needs. Moreover, Santoni’s e-store offers a truly personalized experience because it tracks user preferences and displays them at the next visit.
This is what we call a bespoke treatment.

Clever more than ever

The smartest use of technology

Once the client picks a product, Santoni’s integrated multi-stock system verifies its availability in both the online and offline boutiques. And thanks to our Business Intelligence suite, Santoni can track and monitor every activity in the e-store in order to evaluate results and plan in advance any future move, so as to interact with each client in the best way possible.

Gross Revenue
Order Numbers
Quantity Sold
Conversion Rate

More than words, numbers

Our impact is visible

The conversion rate increased by 54%, retail & store management strategy expanded the quantity sold by 47%, with a +41% of orders. They are amazing results stemming from our dedication.

The data refer to the year 2021 versus 2020.

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