The magic behind the creative process

New and relevant content, every day.

Our creatives, social media managers and store managers are responsible for creating the content that enriches Collistar’s online platforms. We work together on an agreed social media calendar and a commercial plan to deliver dynamic, contemporary, and accurate storytelling about the brand and its products.

Top-notch assistance

Customer care specialists

We are skilled at answering questions. We support Collistar in providing pre and post-purchase customer care both through social media and through customer helpline thanks to our highly-qualified and trained personnel.

Live shows

Attending every event

We have a social media strategy to cover all the brand’s live events such as the launch of new make up or seasonal collections. Every user can follow them live on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, as if they were there.

Gross turnover 2016-2019
Orders number 2016-2019
Site 2016-2019

Stable relationship

And growing numbers

The secret of a good relationship lies in great communication: every month we meet with the client to share results, propose new ideas and keep on planning our future together. And so far we did amazingly well. From 2016 to 2019, the brand’s gross turnover increased by 88%, orders by 104%, with +124% transactions.

The data refer to years 2016-2019.

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