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The superior craftsmanship of luxury footwear that is proudly made in Italy.
The perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

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Online Configurator

FiloBlu created an exclusive colours-to-order service for two
of Santoni’s most iconic double-buckle products.

  •  1/5 Selecting the products

    Santoni selected its most iconic products so that it could offer an exclusive customization service to its customers.
  •  2/5 Selecting the features

    Customized, unique products can be created and ordered in three simple steps and delivered in four weeks. In the “MYSANTONICOLOURS” section of the website www.santonishoes.com, customers can customize their double-buckle shoes. They can also make the footwear even more unique by having their initials hot stamped on the inside.
  •  3/5 Implementation

    Photos were taken of all of the colour options for all of the customizable features, then the technical implementation process for the data began, so that the configurations were correct both on the front-end graphic side and in the back-end system.
  •  4/5 Multichannel approach

    A tablet-friendly version of the website was created exclusively for shop assistants in select Santoni stores. It allows personal shoppers to recommend the products to customers, help them with the customization and complete the transaction directly in the shop, which will receive all of the proceeds from the sale.
  •  5/5 Innovation and craftsmanship

    The “MYSANTONICOLOURS” service, which is already available for men, marks the next step in a creative process that has always been entwined with the exceptional craftsmanship for which Santoni is renowned. It aims to satisfy all those who like to use their individual tastes to contribute to the creation of a unique product.

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