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    Smart E-commerce

FiloBlu has developed a set of digital solutions
that can be used to create an e-business platform in just under a month.

Focus on
Smart E-commerce

A set of solutions to launch platforms whose main features are operational in just four weeks. A turnkey e-business model that can be updated, adjusted and upgraded over time.

  • 1/8 The strategic role of digitization

    Covid-19 has forced services and companies to alter their business models. The first step in this process is introducing digital tools. Digitization is the most natural form of evolution in the market. Now that the lockdown is pushing the economic stability of companies to the limit, they cannot afford to put it off any longer.
  • 2/8 Time is a key factor

    The faster companies get going, the sooner they will be able to count on cash flow and regular takings again. Acting promptly is also crucial because the economic situation is making competition fiercer: mistakes in the early stages could make companies waste precious time and cause them to miss out on significant competitive benefits.
  • 3/8 Strategic matters

    The strategic side of things must not be neglected just because time is an issue. The skills required for smooth, effective management of an online business cannot be acquired in just a few weeks, so once again it is fundamental to be able to count on the know-how and technical capabilities of a specialized company.
  • 4/8 Choosing the right partner

    This is an extremely delicate stage, so it is essential to choose a partner who can immediately put effective, reliable digital solutions into action. If things are not handled properly from the very first steps, an e-business may become inefficient.
  • 5/8 An omnichannel approach

    New social patterns and spending habits mean that it is necessary to take an increasingly flexible approach to the online and offline realms. Customer databases and relationships that originated in the offline world are two examples of important strategic assets that companies can migrate and harness in digital channels with the right knowledge and technology.
  • 6/8 From digital to physical and back again

    In-store visits can be physical experiences that are supported by digital tools, while a personal shopper can add a human touch to online shopping. In addition, in the medium to long term, teams can be trained to manage some online functions in-house.
  • 7/8 A system that is suitable for businesses of all kinds

    The benefits of a new approach to business can be enjoyed in both B2C and B2B fields. FiloBlu has the experience and the range of expertise needed to provide effective, scalable solutions very promptly.
  • 8/8 Contact us

    Would you like to know more about smart e-commerce? Fill in the form below. Our sales managers will be happy to talk about all aspects of this new e-business solution in greater detail.
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