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    Sales Assistance

FiloBlu’s Sale Assistance service aims to ensure that end
customers have a comprehensive, satisfying shopping experience.


The FiloBlu customer and support service works on a number of fronts at the same time in order to get closer and closer to end customers,
enhance their satisfaction and make the shopping experience positive, effective and engaging. It covers everything from the pre-sales
and after-sales services to fraud prevention and from logistics and customer management to support for marketplace sales. Helping
to steer and provide solid foundations for it all is comprehensive, in-depth knowledge of individual brands, their tones of voice
and their communication guidelines, as well as painstaking training on the products/services on sale and the biggest sellers.

Sales Assistance: why should you invest in this service?

No other service can match Sales Assistance’s ability to build and boost the brand-consumer relationship in such a profound, enduring way, helping to establish a genuinely trusting relationship with customers. If this relationship is properly managed, it can lead to concrete actions in the spheres of online sales and brand awareness. It can affect everything from the speed of repeat purchases to the capacity to add value to the products and/or services on offer.

Tailored service for brands and retailers

FiloBlu can provide a bespoke customer care service that is tailored to the individual needs of every single brand and retailer thanks to its extensive structure, which encompasses the head office in Santa Maria di Sala (near Venice), a branch in Naples, offices in Milan, Lugano, and companies in New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Prague.

The numbers do the talking

FiloBlu’s Sales Assistance service is provided by a dedicated team of over 40 people who work closely with all parts of the company – first and foremost among which is the Retail department – in order to offer real-time assistance that is in keeping with each brand’s business, marketing and communication plan. The unit is capable of providing exceptional service for more than 20 brands from a range of fields, including fashion, luxury, beauty, fast fashion and footwear, in more than six different languages, including Italian, English, Spanish, French, German and Russian.

Performance analysis

It is essential to monitor and assess the performance of the Sales Assistance service on a constant basis in order to ensure that it always meets the expectations of the brands and their customers. FiloBlu does this by producing specific reports that take into consideration the most relevant KPIs, thus giving it a global yet detailed overview of the state of the service.

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