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    Live Experience

FiloBlu starts a partnership with Live Nation and enters the world of events.

Focus on
Live Experience

Real Time Entertainment as a strategic driver of business development for Brands.

  • 1/4 What makes events special?

    It’s the experience: something that people enjoy together and share with others on social media, extending its reach well beyond the area that it covers in the physical realm.
    What can brands do to come into contact with communities of this kind? First and foremost, they have to work on the authenticity of what they are offering and strive to make significant improvements to the experience and the memories of events among the community of people who have taken part and thrown themselves into them.
  • 2/4 Brands and Events

    How can all of this be done? When it comes to familiarity with brand names and the inclination to buy, companies need to be capable of presenting a number of tempting offers that grab the attention and interest of people who all have something in common but may be varied and broad in nature. The initial contact must aim to push beyond the event’s concrete boundaries in time and space, by offering innovative ways for participants and companies to interact using a range of both digital and physical touchpoints.
  • 3/4 Between the real and virtual realms

    Why should companies try to make events with restricted confines in time and space have a concrete long-term impact? Because going beyond offers huge opportunities to businesses that are able to seize them, not only in terms of brand and product awareness, but also in the shape of the increases in sales that can be brought about by specially planned activities. These initiatives may cover aspects such as lead generation, boosting web traffic and giving exclusive benefits to specific target groups.
  • 4/4 #LiveExperience: what we have to offer

    FiloBlu has entered a long-term partnership with Live Nation, which is one of the biggest, most significant concert search engines in the world. The aim is to help Italian and international companies to interact with communities creatively by complementing their selections in a way that reflects concerts and all other types of events. This can be done by extending the scope of their communication in digital and brick-and-mortar sales channels.

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