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Discover the dynamic data-collection platform, specifically developed for Brands and Retailers.

It can be integrated with the most relevant company sources, to monitor and analyse the performances of different international sales channels.

Client insights
Trend insights
Product insights
Stock insights
Geographic insights

Get to know your customers

In an increasingly fluid markets, where consumers get to know the brand through different touch points, be they digital or not, the main challenges companies have to tackle are centrality and data analysis.

Compared to current levels, in 2019 there will be a 50% increase in the value produced by the use of Big Data and Analytics on a global scale.
*Worldwide Semiannual Big Data and Analytics Spending Guide, International Data Corporation (IDC) – 2016.

Measurable results

If we know our consumers’ preferences, their shopping habits, the way users surf websites, what they post on social media and how many times they open a newsletter we will be able to gather data and optimise marketing activities as well as choose the most relevant sales strategies.

+55% the increase in the last year in investments in data-driven initiatives to improve customer relations.
+53% the increase in the last year in investments in data analytics for more data-focused businesses.
*Data & Analytics landscape in the enterprise, IDG Enterprise – 2016.

Create customised dashboards

The Commerce Intelligence Platform allows to share customised detail degrees on different business levels. A single dashboard allows to monitor the turnover trend, the order volume, average receipts and all the main indicators of digital sales, while comparing the trends over different periods of time. This will allow to work on flexible sales policies that cater to the ever-changing market and consumers’ needs.

69.4% of companies use BI tools to create process-monitoring dashboards.
65.3% of organizations use Business Intelligence data to support decision making.
56.9% of companies use Business Intelligence platforms for data analysis and extraction.
*State of Business Intelligence survey, BeyeNETWORK and Saint Joseph’s University.

Support strategy with data

The challenge faced by FiloBlu is to strategically support Brands and Retailers in choosing the sales and digital sales policies. A single and thorough data collection platform allows to respond to the ever-changing market immediately and swiftly.

78% of companies agree that Big Data has the potential to significantly change the way in which they do business in the next 3 years.
*State of Business Intelligence survey, BeyeNETWORK and Saint Joseph’s University.

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