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    Amazon Adverting

Data analysis,
drawing up strategies and constant optimization:
FiloBlu’s model for success on Amazon.

Focus on

In order to improve the performances of brands on Amazon channels, FiloBlu recommends the use of an AMS marketing plan and a strategic investment plan for content optimization.

  • 1/5 Analysis

    We analyse the brand’s catalogue, markets and target product sectors, along with the business plans of both Amazon and the brand, in order to establish a strategic investment plan for marketing based on all of the variables examined.
  • 2/5 Assessment & Set-up

    Using specific tools, FiloBlu analyses the real data from the research and the interests of Amazon users in each market. This information is then combined with the results of test campaigns that have been conducted for a set period of time, thus perfecting the targeting and structure of the marketing plan.
  • 3/5 Marketing Plan Structure

    Consequently, the marketing plan has an optimized structure, with sponsoring on three levels. There are Sponsored Products Ads (SPA) for direct targeting, Headline Search Ads (HSA) for store traffic and Product Display Ads (PDA) to target and cover competitors on product pages.
  • 4/5 Optimization

    In order to enhance performance gradually over time, campaigns are managed on a day-by-day basis, with constant performance analysis and the use of specific optimization strategies for each type of campaign, product category and market.
  • 5/5 Results

    The average ROAS for marketing initiatives is higher than 8, with average weekly growth in sales volumes of +11%. Thanks to constant campaign optimization measures, there are improvements in both the correspondence with users’ searches (CTR +25%) and the targeting of advertisements (CR +43%). The Store traffic campaigns have a high visual impact (with an average CTR of more than 2.5%) and they lead to a significant increase in the volume of in-store traffic (x20).

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