Addicted to winning

Let's get creative

When launching sports brand Spalding in Italy, in addition to retail strategy, performance marketing and social media activities, we created the brand’s main advertising campaign. The campaign not only introduces the brand’s newly crafted positioning, but also demonstrates how the synergic work between strategy and creativity always leads to amazing results.

Accept every challenge

Re-positioning the brand

Spalding, an iconic brand with the need to reinvent itself. Moving from sports to lifestyle, from products to values. With a solid and accurate strategic work, we rewrote the brand’s DNA through a new value proposition that inspires younger generations, while keeping a connection with the older ones.

Game time

Designing a campaign

Once warmed up with strategy, we were ready to start playing for real. We invented and realized the claim “Our players are game changers”: a fresh and contemporary approach that kick started the new face of this iconic brand. And this was just the beginning.

Creative concept

Mine is the game

“Mine is the game” is an inclusive campaign: our champions are not the ones who count the medals, but those who rewrite the rules to improve themselves and overcome their limits. In doing so, they create a new playground with new and different rules and premises. Our players are game changers.

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