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What We Do

We develop successful omnichannel digital solutions and international e-commerce sites which are multilingual, multi-currency, multi-collection and multi-brand.

Every project is customized and designed for the client with the client in mind. We always focus primarily on the brand and its digital strategy and assist our clients in managing, fully or partially, the activities connected to the launch and development of their e-commerce channel, always considering the new trends.

Thanks to this approach, FiloBlu is able to offer its partners a complete and tailored solution, starting from the definition of the strategic plan for the online store development up to the implementation of the e-commerce activities and multichannel integration. This is also made possible through a network of qualified partners located worldwide.

FiloBlu is the ideal business partner to support brands in managing all aspects of their own e-stores, including retail strategy, activity planning, communication, web marketing, store management, customer care, invoicing, and payment collection. Based on the client’s needs, all of these activities can also be fully outsourced to FiloBlu through a dynamic model, by which clients gradually internalize those services that they are able to manage independently.

Project Management

We organise and manage websites and e-stores in an effective and efficent way, supporting the client in evaluating, planning, realizing and controlling the necessary activities for developing one’s own e-commerce. We believe in the importance of having a strategy from the very first day, and for this reason every brand has its own dedicated team and project manager to which it can refer.

Technology & System Integration

We prioritise the constant research and innovation in order to have cutting-edge technologies at our projects’ disposal. We develop multichannel platforms and mobile and social applications in-house, starting from open source basis and guaranteeing the optimal result thanks to a skilled and certified team. Maximum flexibility and versatility to ensure optimal performances on every device and scalability in many different markets, languages, currencies, also in the areas of mobile and social commerce.

Digital Marketing & Communication

We define the most suitable communication strategy to maximise the value of the features and the brand and products strenghts, starting from a shared plan up to the online declension in multiple channels that are chosen with Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing actions.

Our in-house team takes advantage of several skilled expertise, both technical and managerial, involving key partners in the sector.

We improve the search engine positioning through the SEO-friendly content optimization and the use of the most suitable web promotion tools, managing the online advertising campaigns in the best possible way with ROI objectives so as to achieve ultimate results in terms of branding and conversions.

Performance, reporting & KPI

Results count. To monitor the trends of technical, commercial, marketing and retail activities we use the best analysis tools creating dynamic dashboards for the project, which allow us to improve the strategy in reaching the set goals.

Every action is devised and planned based on data and expert advices in order to get the best performance.


We offer an optimal logistic service for the complete and efficient order management, perfectly integrated with the e-commerce platform, the brand logics and tracking and shipping systems, set to deliver worldwide, to more than 200 countries.

This service includes also the logistics localization for the nation of reference and solutions for product, packaging and material customization.

Legal & Financial Services

To realise nationwide and international e-commerce it is necessary to know all markets peculiarities and legal and administrative aspects.

For this reason, we manage the opening of Italian and foreign online bank accounts, with the possibility to make use also of the direct identification system, payment check, order management and receipts invoicing in a fast and safe way, minimising the risk of frauds and guaranteeing a top-notch customer experience.

Retail & Online Store Management

Thanks to the expertise of our Online Store Managers we deal with operations and retail management in a strategic and functional way.
We adopt an omnichannel approach in a number of activities, including catalogue and merchandising planning, promotions, contents and stock updating.

Creativity & Design

Creativity and design clad every project with style, professionalism and emotion, starting from the study of the information architecture, the catalogue and the sales needs.

We conceive innovative graphic solutions for every device and communication channel focusing particularly on usability: in this way springs out an unmistakable look & feel that reflects brand’s demands and values conjugating technical needs for a fast, easy, interactive and high-impact website.

Hosting & Technical Support

We provide a professional hosting service on physical server and cloud. We test every web project carefully during the various work stages in order to guarantee optimal performances, speed and platform stability.

We offer systems support and professional IT consulting thanks to a team that boasts years of experience in this field.

In addition, we have devised some monitoring systems for predictive control of infrastructure trends and we are able to provide a 24/7/365 customer support, according to the brand’s demands and markets.

Strategy & Planning

Every successful project starts from a close strategic analysis.

Entering the brand’s core, we analyse its positioning in relation to the target market and the different market trends to develop the best solution.

We provide consulting services and expertise for the analysis and planning of your digital project or e-commerce.

Customer Care

The Customer Care team offers a multilanguage, multichannel, fast and organized service in order to guarantee a full and satisfying shopping experience for the final consumer.

This service may include the localization with the necessary different time zones and various contact methods, even up to dedicated solutions with a personal shopper’s assistance.

The service addresses both to B2C and B2B market and is customizable according to particular brand demands related to specific initiatives.