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    Virtual Showroom

FiloBlu is launching a Virtual Showroom:
an online B2B platform where new collections can be presented and sold.

Focus on
Digital Showroom
& Virtual Buying

A quick, innovative and scalable solution that enables buying to take place outside brick-and-mortar showrooms. All of the traditional stages in the buying process have been adapted and taken online to offer buyers an experience that is just like the real thing.

  • 1/6 What can you do with the Virtual Showroom?

    Brands can present their collections online and they can also choose to add engaging content such as videos and photos of fashion shows. Detailed descriptions and pictures of the products help to add a simple, immediate touch to the Virtual Showroom experience. In addition, it is possible to interact with buyers and provide them with assistance in real time.
  • 2/6 Benefits for clients and sales networks

    The Virtual Showroom provides a quick, efficient and green way to deal with distributors and retailers from across the globe and create price lists for every area of the market. It means that there is no need to travel, stops paper from being wasted, cuts buying times and costs, and makes working processes easier for clients and representatives.
  • 3/6 A communication tool

    In addition to data sheets, pictures and videos of products, the Virtual Showroom can be used to present specially created media content and send promotional newsletters and push notifications.
  • 4/6 The Virtual Showroom from the brand’s perspective

    When the brand enters the details of a buyer, access credentials will automatically be generated for them. Buyers can ask for online meetings to be arranged with the brand’s representatives to discuss product selections or change orders. Once a buyer has completed an order, the brand representative can export it in accordance with the B2B business management flows.
  • 5/6 The Virtual Showroom from the buyer’s perspective

    On the platform, buyers will find inspirational and product-based content that they can use to make an initial selection. They can use a dedicated form to ask for an online appointment with a brand representative whenever they like. Once they have finished selecting their items, buyers go to the cart without carrying out any other procedures. The orders are then sent by email.
  • 6/6 Contact us

    The Virtual Showroom is a secure, reliable and user-friendly digital tool. Conceived to integrate perfectly with business systems and processes, it could play a key B2B role in the future. Are you interested in the Virtual Showroom? Apply the form below and our sales managers will be happy to tell you all about it.
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