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The brand’s fresh take on “luxury casualwear”

fuses design, innovation and quality to create a sophisticated yet easy-going image that reflects the concept of contemporary elegance.

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Peuterey Amazon Store

FiloBlu is providing Peuterey with strategic and operational support for the development of its online business in other countries by opening an Amazon Store dedicated to the target markets.

  • 1/7 Project objectives

    Taking products by the brand that are already sold in the official e-shop and positioning them in other online sales channels worldwide in order to boost digital sales and brand awareness.
  • 2/7 Strategic analysis

    Using in-depth analysis of international marketplaces that took into account the brand’s positioning and its digital sales and brand awareness development objectives, the best suited platform and associated target market was identified: Amazon USA.
  • 3/7 Amazon Store

    As soon as the Amazon Store service was approved, an official brand e-store for the US market was opened, with a dedicated display and a graphic layout to match the brand image and the design of the website peuterey.com.
    A dedicated connector links the products in the Peuterey Amazon Store with those on the official brand website: the stock of the e-commerce site is also presented in the Amazon Store.
  • 4/7 The benefits of using Amazon

    Amazon offers brands the opportunity to register their trademarks on its marketplace. The company can thus rest assured that it is the only official “seller” of Peuterey products on the platform.
    The system helps to prevent unauthorized sellers and counterfeit items because in the basket it is stated whether the products are being sold by the official store or third-party sellers.
  • 5/7 Store management

    When it comes to online store management, the FiloBlu team coordinates activities, uploads and updates the product catalogue in accordance with the schedule for new collection releases, and handles discounts. Everything is perfectly in keeping with the established sales policy for the official peuterey.com online store.
  • 6/7 SEM and SEO

    FiloBlu has managed the search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns for the Amazon Store (the brand’s official store on the marketplace) from the time it opened and throughout the project. It handles everything from the creation of campaigns to keyword analysis and monitoring of their impact, with regular reports on sales patterns.
  • 7/7 Reporting

    We send our clients detailed monthly reports on the activities on Amazon. They cover the following: sales performances, the biggest selling products, website traffic, the results of campaigns, and other KPIs such as the type of project and the client’s needs.

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