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Ullamcorper morbi tincidunt ornare massa eget egestas purus viverra. Per scarivare questo PDF dovresti dare le tue informazioni personali.Metile nella form sottostante e clicca Submit.Ti verrà inviata un’email con la possibilità di scaricarla.

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 what we do

  • Internazionalization

    We believe that today an online approach – backed by a strategy that takes into account the characteristics and specific nature of the market – is the quickest and most effective way to “conquer” a new country. In order to support the international expansion of brands and retailers through digital channels, we draw up international growth plans and the best market penetration strategies. We help to optimize investments in operations, communication and marketing by putting together cross-functional plans for successful brand promotion activities.
    Once the strategy has been established, FiloBlu’s services and facilities are used to put the project into practice, starting with the development and/or provision of the necessary enabling technologies. Business units such as store management, sales assistance and local logistics are engaged as and when necessary. The progress of each of these activities is analysed so that the results can be monitored and measures can be taken to support or encourage growth.

  • Finance

    We ensure that accounting and financial services are managed properly, thus making certain that there is sufficient fiscal and financial control of company and group activities. All of the necessary administration and tax procedures are carried out, the company bookkeeping is monitored and both regular and special financial processes are kept under control.

  • Marketing & Communication

    We develop integrated marketing and communication strategies in order to achieve business and brand awareness objectives. We draw up operating plans featuring specific activities and time frames that stick to the budget available and make it possible to achieve brand goals: expansion in new markets, communication positioning, and driving traffic to websites and retail stores. We work in close harmony with the retail department and we are responsible for ensuring that all communication is consistent both on digital channels and elsewhere.

  • Sales Assistant

    We work on a number of fronts at the same time in order to provide a fast, expert multilingual, multi-channel service, thus ensuring that end customers benefit from a comprehensive, satisfactory shopping experience. For example, we localize our service and take into account aspects such as time zones and different approaches to contacting people, while also offering dedicated solutions with the assistance of personal shoppers. Based on the different needs and tastes of customers, our tailored shopping experiences help to reinforce the overall brand both online and offline. We target both the B2C and the B2B market with varying levels of customization, depending on the needs of each brand.

  • Technology & System Integration

    Our priority is to guarantee exceptional quality standards and ensure that our expert, efficiently organized team is ready to satisfy the needs of increasingly demanding businesses. We work with maximum versatility in order to provide comprehensive solutions, the best performances on international markets and smooth, pleasant shopping experiences through a network of select partners on a global scale. The standard FiloBlu approach is to follow the agile development method and put cooperation, flexibility and speed at the heart of the working process. We offer a cutting-edge Amazon AWS cloud hosting service in order to ensure that optimum performance, stability and speed are offered by all of our e-commerce platforms.

  • Operations & Logistics

    We integrate administration, financial and payment systems and flows with the systems of our clients using technological platforms that enable minimal intervention based on standard solutions. One of the benefits that we can offer is comprehensive order management that is perfectly integrated with e-commerce platforms, brands, and tracking and shipping systems. It also comes with the capacity to deliver to over 200 countries worldwide. All of the main delivery services are used. They are selected in accordance with the type of goods and the destination. In addition, localized logistics systems are available for specific target countries, including the USA and China. We can also offer customized solutions for products, packaging and promotional materials. We can restore products to their original condition with meticulous repair and reconditioning work. Taking a similar approach, we can handle B2B projects on behalf of brands and interact directly with their distributors and retailers.

  • Retail & Store Management

    Consumers are becoming more and more shrewd, informed and demanding, while their shopping experiences are continually influenced and altered by the messages from a variety of online and offline communication channels. Therefore, expert new multidisciplinary figures are needed to assist brands and retailers with their online sales strategies. We draw up business plans featuring the activities that have been selected in order to achieve the chosen objectives and monitor performance with regular cutting-edge reports, so that new initiatives can be put into place to promote the success of the projects.

  • Legal

    In order to carry out e-commerce initiatives on a national and international scale, it is essential to be familiar with all of the specific laws relating to electronic commerce, consumer protection, and distribution and sales network agreements, so that you can handle all B2B and B2C needs. We can take care of everything from drawing up the legal content for e-stores to assessing and managing legal business risks associated with new provisions and regulations.

  • Project Management

    We organise and manage websites and e-stores in an effective and efficent way, supporting the client in evaluating, planning, realizing and controlling the necessary activities for developing one’s own e-commerce. We believe in the importance of having a strategy from the very first day, and for this reason every brand has its own dedicated team and project manager to which it can refer.

  • Strategy & Planning

    Every successful project starts from a close strategic analysis. Entering the brand’s core, we analyse its positioning in relation to the target market and the different market trends to develop the best solution. We provide consulting services and expertise for the analysis and planning of your digital project or e-commerce.

  • Creative & UX

    We create design solutions for our clients that revolve around the user experience. The focal point of our strategies, interactive experiences and digital products is always the brand and its relationship with its target customers. We design websites, e-commerce sites, apps and digital products that take contemporary approaches and create genuine relationships with users, thus bridging the gap between online and real-life experiences. We push beyond development capabilities: analysis and in-depth research into contents, brand and business studies, constant updates and examination of technology take place in every stage of the design process.

  • Business Intelligence

    When we monitor the progress of technical, sales, marketing and retail activities, we use the very best analysis tools and create dynamic project dashboards that enable us to perfect our strategies and achieve our objectives. One of the instruments that we use is the dynamic Commerce Intelligence Platform, which can be integrated with the main sources of business information and used to monitor and analyse the performances of international sales channels. This makes it possible to react instantly to changes in the market, optimize marketing activities and select the most suitable business strategies.