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Mobile First

Mobile fist means rethinking the user experience according to its use by means of smartphones.

To do this efficiently, you must focus on what’s essential, what’s really useful for sales and for accessing the contents.

Consulting a website from a mobile device is very different from doing so from a desktop device. This depends on the context in which it occurs: the user might be doing other things while consulting the website on-the-go. Therefore, the user’s concentration level is lower, whereas the need to achieve the goal (for example perfecting the purchase) is very high and must take place as swiftly and easily as possible.

When we’re talking about mobile first we’re dealing with a process that involves project management and the strategic and operating steps to be followed to create an e-commerce site fully accessible from any device. This starts from the creation of the mobile-friendly layout up to the desktop design.

One of the main advantages is that using this approach allows us to have a product that can be displayed on any device. Moreover, this method allow us right from the beginning to determine the essential elements for the site involved, both from a graphic and content point of view, to then add secondary elements in the desktop version. Doing this, you readily have a clear view of what is relevant and less relevant for the development of the website.

In any case, it’s important to bear in mind that using this method instead of the traditional method depends on an in-depth analysis of your reference target and its modes of use and taking into account these factors developing creativity cohesively and functionally to obtain the best result.



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