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Marketplaces & Feeds

Why sell on an online marketplace if you have your own e-commerce site? The answer is simple. A marketplace is just one of the many touchpoints that can bring a company into contact with potential customers. The clearest advantage of making such a move is that you will benefit from the visibility and trust of the marketplace customers and get exposure for your brand. However, your products will be up against those of numerous competitors in the same place and it is not always easy to manage your positioning with respect to other brands in the same cluster.

Being on a marketplace should not be seen as the final part of the customer conversion process but as the first step in a funnelling procedure whose ultimate goal is to get the user in your database and bring about new purchases on your own e-commerce site in the future.

A brand’s e-commerce site is the starting point for flows to external marketplaces and it must be capable of updating the database in real time, notifying the various platforms of changes to availability and automatically sending emails for order management purposes.
FiloBlu can offer a presence on countless leading platforms, including: Xiu, Secoo, Buyma, Buyvai, Yintai, Shangpin, Reebonz, Opec, Aolai, Italist, Raffaello, Stydo and Gasmy.