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International Payments

Moving into international e-commerce means that you will have a digital store that is accessible anywhere and at any time. It will give your brand the chance to reach places even where you have no brick-and-mortar retail presence.

In order to approach potential customers and improve their shopping experience, it is essential to consider the distinctive characteristics of every single country in which you want to make sales, especially when it comes to payment systems.

Every country may have its own currency, taxes, customs charges and payment methods. The buying habits of customers can also vary in different countries and it is important to bear them in mind when you are trying to develop trust and expand the range of options in the check-out process.

Therefore, first and foremost it is important to be able to rely on international systems such as PayPal, bank transfers and credit card gateways, which can then be integrated with the strategically established specifications.

Another factor that is closely related to payment is fraud management. It is necessary to have the right expertise and tools to deal with fraudulent orders, which can be responsible for 1% to 2% of company costs.

FiloBlu has established a number of partnerships with international players in the payment industry such as Adyen and Sofort to ensure that its e-commerce systems are flexible and secure.



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