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Gamification is a digital marketing trend that is based on using gaming dynamics and features in what are generally non-game contexts. The aim is to enhance the user experience by boosting the sense of involvement and encouraging active behaviour through instinctive human behaviour such as competition, the natural desire for sociability and success, the need for gratification and the satisfaction that comes from achieving goals.

Gamification is a tool that businesses can use to promote engagement, boost loyalty, increase brand awareness, make sales through fun-based activities and collect big data. It can help to lower acquisition costs by exploiting mechanisms and dynamics that make users into the number one brand ambassadors and ensuring that they have a reason to engage their circles of acquaintances.

Interactive missions, points-based games and social challenges are just some of the endless possibilities presented by gamification. The viral potential of the tool lies in its entertainment factor. When it is combined with stimulating storytelling, a high-impact promotion campaign and a carefully gauged rewards system that makes participation an attractive prospect, gamification is unquestionably an effective, extremely enticing system that helps to achieve a brand’s objectives in an innovative manner.


Original Marines created the #PlayOriginal gamification platform in partnership with FiloBlu. Check out the project.

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