Business Strategist

Venice/Milan, Full Time

Job Description:

A Business Strategist’s approach is that of a consultant, with a clear vision of the objectives to be achieved and the ability to find a suitable method to implement them. In particular, he/she supports clients in identifying the best solutions and strategies for achieving their business objectives.


Main responsibilities:

  • Active contribution to the development of innovative business solutions, dealing with subjects such as omni-canality, digital retail, digital transformation and the like;
  • Proactive participation in meeting our clients’ business objectives in terms of new trends and impacts;
  • Identification of bespoke solutions to adapt distribution and service channels with the aim of perfectly integrating digital and physical retail;
  • Support in the redesign of business models in order to increase their sales effectiveness and involvement in strategy, customer experience and customer loyalty;
  • Contributing to the design of new operational models to provide strategic change and enhance  the organization flow;
  • Data report and analysis to draw consistent conclusions and to provide key results to C level clients;
  • Preparation of the meeting presentations and final report for clients.



  • Master’s degree in Economics, Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics or Physics;
  • Proactive and curious approach, interested in all technological and business innovation;
  • Creativity;
  • Fast learning skills and ability to think outside the box
  • Analysis ability and quick execution;
  • Effective written and oral communication and teamwork skills;
  • Good knowledge of English;
  • Enthusiast of challenges and everything new, ready to find new solutions;
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office.



  • Knowledge of business plan modelling;
  • One or two years’ experience acquired in primary consulting firms.
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