Brand Strategist

Milan, Full Time

FiloBlu is looking for a Brand Strategist with a solid background in both offline and online environments. FiloBlu’s Creative & Brand Strategy department is full of creative figures with a natural aptitude for understanding people and business dynamics. We are anthropologists, business thinkers and trend watchers, all at the same time. Our job is to join the dots between customer insights, creative development, business and digital strategy. Our objective is to produce creative, innovative work and establish ourselves as a key partner for our clients. Applicants for the role as a Brand Strategist should be both cooperative and independent, with the ability to take charge of projects and make a significant contribution to their development. We are looking for a professional figure with good interpersonal and communication skills who is capable of sparking conversations, presenting visions that remain consistent throughout all of the phases of a project and putting them into practice.



  • Developing creative briefs. Working in partnership with project managers and account managers to condense the client’s brief into objectives and insights that encourage the production of creative output.
  • Research and Insight. Primary research: guiding and facilitating workshops, focus groups, first-person interviews (such as mystery shopping and man-on-the-street interviews), etc. When necessary, coordinating third-party partners and ensuring that they carry out these activities properly. Secondary research: finding original and surprising stories and insight about our clients, consumers and the world around them.
  • Communications planning and brand strategy. Guiding first-rate brand and communication strategies in both the long term (e.g. Brand DNA and positioning strategies) and the medium term (e.g. communication campaigns, events, and one-shot initiatives to work towards lead generation objectives). Working with the creative team on brand identity projects. Developing opportunities for proactive brand and communication activities for receptive clients, such as workshops that promote evolution in their outlooks and guide them in repositioning strategies. Taking part and acting as an adviser in conversations about consumer research, brands, social media, and analytics, in order to ensure that our work is always in line with the objectives of our clients. Serving as a reliable source of brand/industry knowledge for the client strategy/sales department and the area directors.
  • Growth Strategy. Working proactively on new business initiatives along with the client strategy/sales team to analyse the business needs of our clients and recommend support projects. Developing proposals along with the client strategy/sales team and other departments to support these projects, covering aspects including timing, deliverables and processes.


Skills and know-how

  • Degree in Marketing, Communication and Brand Management.
  • Fluent written and spoken English for both conversation and business purposes.
  • Fluent/mother-tongue Italian for both conversation and business purposes.
  • Proven experience working for an agency (such as a communication, digital, creative, brand or research agency), preferably for at least three years.
  • Knowledge of general business strategy and marketing theories.
  • Familiarity with the analytical tools required for the role (such as Google Analytics and Trends).
  • The ability to manage projects independently.
  • A passion for creativity, culture and innovation.
  • An original and flexible approach to brand creation and gaining insight.


Transversal skills

  • Excellent analytical and lateral thinking skills.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Communication skills.
  • Organization and precision.
  • An aptitude for teamwork.

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