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Riso Scotti with FiloBlu for the launch of Dietidea.

Focus on

For the sales strategy and product promotion
– exclusively online – Riso Scotti has chosen
FiloBlu as a digital partner of the project.

  • 1/5 The Project

    Dietidea is an innovative, unique method of following a balanced low calorie diet based on rice protein. It features pleasant, enjoyable food and it is perfect for all sorts of people, including those who do not have much time to cook and measure out ingredients. It comes in a handy case containing ready meals for seven days: Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Snacks, Herbal Teas, and Vitamin and Mineral Supplements. Two menus are available: a 1000 kcal one for Women and a 1300 kcal one for Men. Full Dietidea Kits for one week are only available to buy online at dietidea.com.
  • 2/5 The Strategy

    Rather than selling a dietary product, the aim of this project is to share a sensation: feeling great, staying in shape and improving your quality of life without having to change your daily habits. FiloBlu has worked alongside Riso Scotti on the development of the Dietidea project, starting with the establishment of the 100% online sales and promotion strategy. FiloBlu is responsible for: e-commerce, social media communication channels, digital marketing strategy and activities, email marketing and managing the online community. This new project has been conceived to offer consumers an innovative method thanks to a digital experience based on sensations.
  • 3/5 The Marketing Plan

    All of the main digital communication channels will be used in the marketing campaigns, from search engines to social networks. The planned investment in marketing for the first three months will lead to coverage of more than 25,000,000 users in the Italian market alone. All potential online users in target groups will be sent dedicated messages that have been specially tailored to suit them and the communication channel in question.
  • 4/5 Online Communication

    In terms of online communication, FiloBlu directly handles the strategy, production and publication of content for Instagram and Facebook. This includes advertising campaigns with the goal of increasing online sales and brand awareness. FiloBlu is also directly responsible for managing the community online. It gives prompt, proficient and professional answers to all of the questions about the Dietidea kit that are asked on the various channels on a daily basis. This is made possible by dedicated training about the brand and its products for the staff involved.
  • 5/5 Sales Assistance

    Exclusively selling the products online – or through a Sales Assistant – ties in with the experience and service concept at the heart of the project. Thanks to a Customer Care service provided by telephone and email, it enables users to interact with experts who can give instant answers to all questions about Dietidea and guide them through the shopping process. Sales Assistants play a crucial role as they accompany consumers through the procedure of discovering, trying and possibly buying more Dietidea products, thanks to their comprehensive knowledge of all matters relating to them. These figures are capable of describing the project, explaining every single detail and providing assistance during the final purchase and the following steps (such as payments, deliveries and after-sales questions).
    In addition, online sales allow us (FiloBlu and Riso Scotti) to gather important information (data) in order to improve the customer experience and strive in the future to anticipate customer demand/needs.

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