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The creators of sweet chocolate delights have asked FiloBlu
to develop their brand in the American market.

Focus on

Conquering the American market through Amazon.

  • 1/4 What’re Caffarel’s aims?

    The brand wants to expand in the American market, so detailed strategic analysis was conducted. It highlighted that the amazon.com has a crucial role to play in the development of brand awareness and conversion. Being on Amazon will allow the company to: 1. Increase its brand visibility in the American market. 2. Carry out marketing and communication activities in the marketplace. 3. Improve the time to serve for American customers using Amazon logistics services (FBA).
  • 2/4 Why choose FiloBlu for Amazon development?

    The key reasons why brands ask FiloBlu to guide them through a successful Amazon-based internationalization process are as follows: 1. Strategic Analysis: we accurately assess the competitive environment and draw up a strategy for approaching the marketplace. 2. Action Plan: we set out the steps that must be taken during the project, from selecting products and appropriate pricing to meeting Amazon’s specific requirements. 3. Governance: we coordinate the work of all parties involved in the project (including the brand, carrier and FBA) in order to minimize the risk of any hold-ups and ensure that the scheme goes live on schedule. 4. Specialist Expertise: with professional support from figures with legal, operations and vertical expertise on Amazon.com, we identify the best approach and establish the brand’s positioning in the marketplace.
  • 3/4 The FiloBlu approach to the project

    The FiloBlu project to develop Caffarel’s online business in the American market through Amazon.com was based on: 1. Respect for Brand Equity and maximizing business results by preserving the brand’s positioning. 2. Creating dedicated product presentations with written copy and visual contents that were specially produced to maximize the shared results. 3. Ensuring that the brand took the right approach to the marketplace, as established by direct analysis of the brand’s presence and benchmarking of key competitors. 4. Creating an official Amazon Store that is in keeping with the brand’s image and very similar to its own online shop, thus giving a degree of consistency to its online presence.
  • 4/4 Drawing up strategies and activities

    We drew up specific marketing strategies for Amazon.com that were based on analyses of the data collected (in a Data-Driven Approach) and the project specifications. Building on this, we drew up a sales plan that takes into account the Caffarel and Amazon sales schedules for every country of interest. A launch communication plan was established and a dedicated marketing plan was put together for every country, with a focus on boosting sales performances. It involves meticulous analysis of the optimization campaigns for the expense budget and ROAS. Every month, the brand is sent a report containing analysis of the main KPIs (sales, campaign results, traffic trends and visits).

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