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FiloBlu takes Ballin on Reebonz

FiloBlu is online with Ballin on Reebonz, the luxury platform that operates in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

We have already discussed what marketplaces are and what they are for. In this post, we will tell you about another service offered by FiloBlu:the possibility for clients to benefit from exclusive agreements and take their e-commerce activities onto marketplaces that have been appropriately selected to suit the characteristics and needs of the brand.

In this particular case, Ballin wanted to boost its brand awareness in the countries in which Reebonz has a large user base. Once the market had been analysed and the positioning of the platform had been assessed, an e-shop was launched on the marketplace.

One of the great things about Reebonz is that it allows brands to create virtual shops to showcase their products, while providing users with an intuitive interface that enables them to select their chosen label from a dashboard.


The travels of FiloBlu’s brands will not be limited to the countries covered by Reebonz: we have plenty of other journeys lined up. After all, maximizing the conversion rates of brands that choose our services is our mission and our team has a gift for finding exclusive, innovative ways to go about it.

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