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FiloBlu Online Store Managers: roles and skills

Checking how things went overnight, planning the day ahead and coordinating the team: that’s how a typical day starts for a FiloBlu Online Store Manager.

It is a role that involves not only running FiloBlu online stores, but also being the company’s main contact person for clients and managing sales.

The domain of these professional figures spans the offline and online realms. They aim to reflect each client’s presence in the real world as closely as possible, thus ensuring that their online and offline businesses speak the same language.

The rules and activities in e-commerce are the same as those in brick-and-mortar stores. Showcases, communication, orders and promotions are part of a mix with an ultimate objective that is shared by the two worlds: making sales.

The work of Store Managers can be broken down into percentages: 50% is about organizing brand strategies and operations, while the other 50% involves setting up the Magento platform to implement it all in the online store.

It goes without saying that Online Store Managers need to have a wide range of skills in a number of areas. They must excel at activities such as data and market analysis, brand positioning, organizing product catalogues and preparing online showcases. Furthermore, reliability and great precision are essential because these figures are in charge of all aspects of store management, which is a huge responsibility.

However, it is difficult to learn the most important skills possessed by top Online Store Managers: powers of observation. People with capabilities of this kind are able to read between the lines in the business environment and spot critical issues and opportunities, then use what they have learned as they take measures to apply new strategies and trial new activities.

Proactivity and critical thinking are talents that are highly appreciated by clients, who require alternative points of view and insight that can bring some cutting-edge vitality – or simply a fresh perspective – to their businesses.

Interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence round off the portrait of the perfect Online Store Manager, an all-round business figure whose decisions and actions shape online stores from top to bottom.