Full e-commerce experience: much more to offer

Full e-commerce experience: much more to offer

Modern e-commerce websites are becoming more and more integrated in the main websites, created to present a company, a brand, a collection.

Moreover, e-commerce platforms are born to manage catalogs and to sell products, not to manage blogs, communities and contents mainly oriented to communication, as usually happens in websites dedicated to brands or institutional websites, also called experience.
How to make these two souls, e-commerce and experience, coexist on the same domain name, even if they are so different?

How to give the most suitable tools both to marketing and to e-commerce managers? For this reason FiloBlu has decided to provide a solution called “Full e-commerce experience”, based on the integration of Magento e-commerce with WordPress CMS, which can combine different needs:

  • integrated graphics between the two platforms
  • single login, no matter which page the visitor lands on
  • catalog management on Magento and photo/description library available for marketing
  • multi-admin management for marketing and ecommerce related to market / country
  • customized back end for user and for required functionalities
  • single back-end, if required
  • back-end single login, if required
  • single or differentiate database management
  • SEO strategy, integrated but peculiar for different needs
  • link between WordPress posts and products

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